Birth Anniversary of Imam Hussain (as) - 3rd Sha'baan

Born into a family who were the personification of the verse of Purification (33:33), Imam Husain’s father, mother, brother and grandfather were all protected by Allah from all forms of spiritual filth. Although Imam Husain is best known for his struggles and the ultimate sacrifice on the plains of Kerbala which helped nourish the tree of Islam and permit its continual growth, his prayers and supplications are no less inspiring than those of any of the other Imams......

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Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Abbas (as) - 4th Sha'baan

After the death of Bibi Fatema (as), Imam Ali (as) approached his brother Aqil and requested him to find him a wife. Recognized for his deep insight into the lineages of the Arabs, Imam Ali wanted a wife who would provide support to his son, Imam Husain at that crucial moment when he would need to face his greatest test. How precise and careful the Imam was in choosing a life partner - he did not look for the most beautiful or the richest woman in Madinah - rather, the most fearing of Allah and from a spiritually rich family - thus hinting to us the importance of how to choose a spouse.....

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Birth Anniversary of Imam Zain Al-Abideen (AS) - 5th Sha'baan

The 4th Imam affectionately known as the 'Ornament of the Worshippers’ and the ‘Leader of those who Prostrate (to Allah)' was born into the house of Imaamate and infallibility, our 4th Imam had a distinct lineage compared to the other members of the Ahlul Bayt. Born in the 38th year after the migration, he was an infant when his grandfather, Imam Ali was murdered in masjid Kufa. He also lived to see the martyrdom of his uncle, Imam Hasan and the brutal killing of his father and other members of his family on the plains of Kerbala.

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Rajab and Shabaan App for Mobile

Rajab and Shabaan are the other months of spirituality leading up to the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Use this app for the entire two months as it contains all the daily rituals, supplications and important events in both Rajab and Shabaan. It also contains the important Amaal of Laylatul Raghaib (the night of desires), and the Amaal of 15th Shabaan.

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