If the Holy Imam had stayed at Madina and got slain there, it would have been said, why did he not migrate to Mecca to take shelter in the Great Sanctury there? He did go to the Ka'ba and if he had stayed there to be killed by Yazid's agents, it would have been said why did he not leave the holy place to avoid bloodshed in the Great Sanctuary? Husain left Mecca too, even though it was the very eve of the pilgrimage.

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5th Muharram - Hur Joins the Holy Imam

Hazrat Hur bin Yezid at-Tamimi al-Yarbu'i was a career officer in the Kufa army. When Hussain bin Numayr, the commander at al-Qadisiya, learnt that Imaam Hussain and his entourage were getting very close to Kufa he dispatched Hur with a detachment of 1,000 men to intercept Imaam.

On the night of Ashura, Hur was very restless. Why did I put the son of Fatimah in this position? Will Allah ever forgive me?". He could not sleep the whole night. Within him there was a struggle between his duty as a soldier and his Islamic conscience. Just before dawn he made up his mind.

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6th Muharram - AUN AND MUHAMMAD

Aun and Muhammad were the sons of Bibi Zainab. They had not accompanied Bibi Zainab when she left Madina with Imaam Hussain A.S. Just before Imaam Hussain started his journey from Mecca, Hazrat Abdullah ibne Jaffer brought his two sons to Mecca and handing them over to Imaam Hussain said, "Ya Imaam, since you have decided to go and will not allow me to come with you, please take my two sons with you. Aun will represent his maternal grandfather Hazrat Ali A.S. and the other will represent his paternal grandfather Hazrat Jaffer-e-Tayyaar".

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At last on the 7th Muharram 61 A.H.(October 680 A.D.) the Commander of Yazid's forces received orders to cut off all sources of supply to the Holy Imam's camp and not allow even a drop of water to reach any of the inmates therein. It can better be imagined than described what the condition of Husain's camp would have been under the scorching Arabian sun. The camp was in the midst of the burning desert, with the heat-waves blowing from all sides. The unavailability of water, with nothing to feed even the young children, the wriggling of the babies for milk which the poor mothers, who were themselves suffering from the killing thirst, could not give, caused distress.

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