Tragedy of Karbala

Imam Husayn (A.S.), the Chief of the Martyrs,the second son of Imam Ali(A.S.) and Hadrat Fatimah Zahra (A.S.), the third Holy Imam of the Shi'ites was martyred along with his 72 faithful followers on Tenth of Muharram(Ashura),61 Hijrah in Karbala (Iraq).

The martyrdom of Imam Husayn(A.S.) uprooted despotism forever till the Day of Judgment. He watered the dry garden of freedom with surging wave of his sacred blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim Ummah.Though Imam Husayn(A.S.) was martyred with his family and companions, it were the martyrs of Karbala' who were the real victors.

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