Birth Anniversary of Bibi Fatema (a.s) - 20 Jamaada Al Thani

There have been many women who have made an everlasting mark on the history of civilization and humankind. They have been great in various aspects. Yet one woman contributed more than perhaps any other woman, while she was not more then a young girl. She had all the great and virtuous attributes of the women of respect and honor and more.

Her prayers and supplications were no less than the most inspiring words of poetry to the God she adored.

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What is Islam?

Islam is one of the major world religions. Every fifth person on the face of this earth is a Muslim. Muslims are found in the Middle East, in north, west and east Africa, in Asia and Eastern Europe. In modern times, Muslims are found in large numbers in Western Europe, the Americas and Australia through immigration as well as conversion. Recent statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. With the vast world turning into a "global village," such a wide-spread religion followed by over a billion people indeed deserves a careful study

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