If the Holy Imam had stayed at Madina and got slain there, it would have been said, why did he not migrate to Mecca to take shelter in the Great Sanctury there? He did go to the Ka'ba and if he had stayed there to be killed by Yazid's agents, it would have been said why did he not leave the holy place to avoid bloodshed in the Great Sanctuary? Husain left Mecca too, even though it was the very eve of the pilgrimage.

And if he had gone to Kufa it would have been said why did he go to a place where his Deputy Muslim had been killed, and when he knew the situation there. Husain avoided going to Kufa. Hur's offer, if Husain had rejected, it would have been said why did he refuse to escape when the enemy's agent himself offered the opportunity to do it. Husain availed also of the opportunity given by Hur. Now when the enemy became cruel, heartless and aggressive, he avoided bloodshed by shifting his camp into the interior of the desert, abandoning the bank of the river to the enemy.

The events of history give out a clear verdict that the series of the sufferings, the miseries and the calamities inflicted on the Ahlul-Bait, which culminated at one stage in the wholesale massacre of the Holy Imam Hussain and his faithful devotees at Karbala, and the misfortunes and the assassinations of the other Imams and their families and their devotees, which thereafter followed up to the ninth Imam Hasan al-Askari, was inaugurated at the Saqeefa. Had the people remembered the repeated declarations about Ali, and his Ahlul-Bait, the world would never have witnessed the hideous scenes of the sufferings and the massacre of the Holy ones; on the other hand, today the world would never have been ruled by the men of God, and humanity had enjoyed the godly kingdom on earth, and the human race by this time would have been united under one single brotherhood which was inaugurated by the Holy Prophet at Madina.

In Loving Memory of all the Marhumeen of the individuals who have helped in the website and the on-going maintenance of the site.